In this section I would like to talk about the coaching and consulting services I’m offering on this website.

One distinction I would like to make from the beginning is the one between the coaching and the consulting processes:

Coaching is me accompanying you in your journey towards self discovery and internal problem solving so that it becomes much easier for you to reach your own set of objectives. It’s about your process and me just providing guidance along the way.

Consulting is me giving my expertise and advising you on how to do certain things, solve inherent problems or situations and what’s the most efficient way, from my point of view, to reach your goals.

Appointment times will be discussed and scheduled in advance so that they are mutually conveniant. The live sessions will be held on Skype,Zoom,Watsapp,and so on, depending on the client’s preference. Sessions will be scheduled via email after I have received payment confirmation. Please check the contact section in the main menu for all my contact details.Payment models andintegrated payment options are listed below:

1. An hourly coaching or consulting fee of 130 Euro

This includes an hour of live online coaching or consulting services and if requested a video analysis of a practice or match (video analysis doesn’t have to mean only tennis technical expertise, it can be useful in a lot of other areas depending on your needs – ex. child/junior player trying to improve or fix a certain problem, amateur trying to improve his game, pro seeking to fine-tune certain aspects of their game, body language, on-court problem solving,tactics,etc) . The video provided for the analysis can be a maximum of 20min and i will reply with my feedback via email.

2. A monthly subscription of 400 Euro

The subscription includes: Four online sessions(1 hour each) of coaching or consulting per month and one hour and a half of video analysis(up to the client if they want to spread this time across multiple videos or only one). If the video analysis part of the offer is not important for your needs, it can be replaced with another hour of online coaching or consulting.

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