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How self development and high performance sports go hand in hand

I know that a lot of people have asked me in the last 10 years or so why is self development so important? More specifically why is it important in tennis ? I mean tennis is about forehands and backhands and hitting big serves and moving well on the court right? Short answer: Wrong In […]

Learn by making mistakes

Taking a trip down memory lane, can you remember what it was like learning to walk for the very first time? You’re a young infant probably between 8-17 months, trying to discover something that, like riding your bike, feels completely alien to you when you first try it. What happens? The young infant tries to […]

Being liked or respected

Conventional predispositions around successful leadership suggest that respect is the pivotal ingredient that leads to getting things done, with ‘being liked’ seemingly unable to co-exist alongside it. Indeed, it seems many occupants of leadership positions globally subscribe to this view, with Donald Trump, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Theresa May all not scoring highly […]

How to best help your child develop as a tennis player

The following article “Staying Out of the Way” was written by Nick Bollettieri, 4 December 2013 and published on tennisrecruiting.net : I started teaching tennis in the mid 1950s. Not a day goes by where my mind doesn’t say, “here we go again.” My toughest lesson is not with my students – but with their parents. […]

Must read for tennis parents

All Sports Parents Must Read this Three interesting things college and elite athletes list as their worst memories playing sports growing up: 1. What was your worst experience as a child playing sports?The drive back from a game/match. My parent/s wanting to talk about it and ‘get into it’. 2. Who did you enjoy most being present at […]

How to help your child develop better as a tennis player

There is advice for tennis parents who want their kids to become tour professionals as soon as possible. Parents and tennis players need to remember that the real success in tennis not how kids play in age 6-14.  Times when 12 years old tennis players won Junior Grand Slam (Martina Hingis), 16 years old Olympic […]

Tennis advice for parents

Junior tennis players are influenced by the actions, opportunities and feedback received from their parents. It is sometimes difficult for tennis parents to know what and how they should communicate with their child to best support them. This article will help give some advice on the best way to help your tennis junior so that […]

The top 5 big no’s of tennis parenting

  The 5 Top Things Sport Parents Do that Can Make their Kids Drop Out of Sport Parents have a huge impact on how their child or children feel about sports. It’s not easy being a parent to a sports child, as we only want the best for them. Sometimes emotions can take over as […]

How to recognize talent in tennis

How to Recognize Tennis Talent This article Talent Identification in Tennis was written by Dave Samuels. I hope you will find it interesting and useful. Spotting talented junior athletes who might have an aptitude for tennis is part art and part science. In addition to speed, strength, power, coordination and balance, tennis players need a variety of […]

Prevention of overtraining in junior players

I am very surprised that very few parents and coaches conduct constant control of their tennis players’ health condition. What’s important to understand is that sports medicine possesses a huge deal of knowledge that regular physicians are not aware of. If junior tennis players train for more than 10 hours a week and participate in […]