My name is Teodor Bolanu, born in 1984 in Bucharest, Romania. A little summary on myself: Professional tennis player, tennis coach involved in all levels of play (national, TE, ITF, WTA). I’ve read dozens of books on life and transformational coaching, systemic coaching, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. I have completed various coaching seminars totallying over 200 hours of live and online seminars or courses on these subjects. In my 15 years as a professional tennis coach I have successfully applied coaching principles and techniques with every single tennis player I have worked with. I’ve also coached or consulted club staff members, business associates in my club managing days, or people closely connected with the players i’ve had the pleasure to work with (family members,sponsors or other important figures in their lives). Results as a tennis player:
  • National rank number 1 or 2 at every age group between 12-18 years of age.
  • Top 8 ranking in TennisEurope U16 , top 120 ITF Juniors and 1st ATP point by age 16.
  • By 20 years of age obtained a best ranking of 610ATP singles and 750 ATP doubles.
Results as a tennis coach:
  • Started coaching at 21years of age, currently 36 years of age making it a total of 15 years of tennis coaching experience.
  • Worked with over 10 players both male and female in the ITF Futures circuit, between rankings of 350-1000 ATP or WTA.
  • Worked with top juniors in my country, some of them going as far as top 50 in tennis europe ranking, national champions, juniors who had already achieved a good ITF Junior ranking by age 15.
  • I’ve also had the opportunity to work with WTA player Irina Begu over the years, helping her reach top 40 WTA ranking for the first time in her career.
  • Managed a tennis club both at a business level and also from a head-coach level, trying to help as many children and parents as possible reach for their goals. Supervised tennis sessions or consulted for dozens of players or coaches ranging from beginner level all the way to juniors playing ITF level tournaments. Started online tennis consulting two years ago and enjoying the experience and especially that feeling of helping people fulfill their potential. I find being of service and helping people achieve their objectives are one of the most satisfactory experiences one can hope for.
My coaching philosophy:

I firmly believe that as a coach, it is my duty to guide others twards developing or discovering abilities that will help them better deal with adversity and reach their goals. I think that many of these skills can be extremly helpful not only on the tennis court but also in our lives outside of tennis. There are hundreds of parallels that you can figuratively draw, from tennis to real life and vice-versa. I believe that fair-play, mental toughness, self-reflection, empathy, self respect and a good work ethic are the most important qualities that we, as coaches, should always promote to the benefit of our clients.

As human beings, we rise by helping others