Itennis is the end product of my life’s work and experience in tennis,coaching and self improvement. It is a platform on which I want to share with you my perspective and ideas on everything tennis and personal development related. There are multiple written or video pieces in which I go into detail on several tennis or self improvement topics which I consider useful for anyone interested in playing tennis, learning about this sport and for everyone trying to better themselves.The articles i’ve selected to be included in the tennis development section are personal favorites of mine and are written either by myself or by other specialists in sports,fitness,coaching and self development. Although this platform originally begun as a free source of information for anyone interested, I felt it needed to be further developed into something more. Hence the concept of tennis consulting and coaching which was later added onto itennis. My objective was to clearly show my background and experience in tennis at all levels of play, club and event management and also to illustrate my passion for self improvement, life-coaching and generically helping others achieve their goals. Itennis offers an easy and clear payment method for anyone looking to pay for my services. In my humble opinion, whether your issue is tennis related(technical, tactical, mental, game knowledge and player development) or more in the domain of life-coaching (ex. how to help guide someone to achieve his/her objectives, how to optimize relationships inside your family and workplace, how to self improve in a certain area and become the best version of yourself), I feel confident to say that my services can provide great value in any of these fields.


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